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When Ben Resnick started tutoring and coaching in 2001, he was thrilled by his ability to inspire rapid improvement; his first student leapt from a D+ to an A- in Spanish.  He realized that people often fail to reach their potential, by using ineffective methods and strategies.  It is incredibly rewarding for him to see his students’ excitement when they achieve more than they thought possible.  
Since then, he has continually refined his skills and developed a comprehensive approach for peak performance, incorporating the latest research and tools in learning science.  Ben loves to make the learning process more engaging and share his passion for efficient improvement with his students.  
Ben holds a degree from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.
Ben enjoys activities that emphasize the competitive spirit and process of developing skill.  He currently competes in Go (the ancient strategy game from Asia) and coaches a school Go Club, dances Salsa & Swing, does charity skyscraper stair-climbs, and plays sports including tennis, ping-pong, and racquetball.

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