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All-Inclusive Packages:


Email support: Answer your questions between sessions for faster learning


6 Official practice tests, for the most realistic training. 

Detailed analysis & review for each practice test 

Custom training program, personalized based on continual diagnostic testing.


All materials included: official questions, lessons, strategy summaries, quizzes & flashcards

Test simulation booklet & other tools for peak performance on test day


Essay template, so you can save time & energy for Quant & Verbal

Extreme dedication to your success: detailed preparation between sessions to make the most of your time



Live Coaching Hours




Live Coaching Hours




Live Coaching Hours




Live Coaching Hours



Why are Official Questions so important?


Practicing with official questions and tests is critical, in order to develop the right pattern recognition habits and to accurately diagnose problem areas on which to focus. While large prep companies make a good effort to replicate the GMAT on the exams they create, it is very difficult to do so accurately, especially on the Verbal Section. 
Their questions can be tricky and time-consuming in ways that are different from the actual exam. Since time pressure is the most common issue for test-takers, unrealistic questions that throw off your pacing are a major problem.   

How does your value compare to Veritas Prep or Manhattan GMAT, which have part-time 99th percentile instructors?

Some advantages of GMAT Coach include:

  • You receive the ultimate level of personal attention & customization: your success is my full-time focus! 
  • We’re unconstrained by having to use one company’s practice tests, materials and methods. Instead, I pick out the best of the best.
  • We use a systematic training process that applies a deep understanding of the most effective learning techniques

How will our session time be spent?


We make the most efficient use of our time together when you work on mastering the basics for homework. Then, during our sessions together we will apply this knowledge along with winning strategies on official GMAT problems, with an emphasis on building habits for rapid accuracy.  I will have you explain your reasoning process, making refinements and clarifying gaps of understanding along the way. On each problem, you build your pattern recognition of common GMAT traps and learn how to prevent errors, so you can apply what you learned on similar problems. I constantly assess your level of mastery on the given content and adapt our sessions to make the greatest strides in your progress.

Is the coaching schedule flexible?


Yes. We will customize the schedule to what works best with your timeline, goals, and other commitments.  

Generally, 1.5-2 hour sessions 1-3 times per week are recommended, with significant homework done between sessions. If you are on a tighter timeline before the exam, we can train more intensely. 


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